Stephen Parelli

COMMENTARY: NFL player Matt Birk shows his true colors

While supporting the right of his teammate Brendon Ayanbadejo, a Baltimore Ravens linebacker, to publically declare his support for same-sex marriage, Matt Birk, a center for the Baltimore Ravens, took issue with him and advanced his own counter-view on the marriage equality debate by authoring an opinion editorial that was recently published in his home state, in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

VIDEO: Other Sheep pastor tells New Jersey panel that civil union is a form of oppression

TRENTON, N.J. -- Speaking in support of gay marriage before the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee meeting in Trenton last week, the Rev. Stephen Parelli of the Other Sheep faith group told the panel he “pastored the Faith Baptist Church of Sparta, N.J., for about 10 years before coming out in 1997 and starting, at that time, a new life with his husband Mr. Jose Ortiz.”